Unlock Your Child’s Memory Potential: 7 Exciting Tips to Boost Retention and Learning

Category: Primary Grade

Children are often asked to do a lot of studying for school, and it can be hard for them to remember everything they have learned. It is important to find ways to help your child remember what he or she has learned. You can take notes during the lecture, summarize the main points, or find other ways that work best for you and your child.

Remember keywords: 

If a child cannot remember what he’s studied, it will be difficult to write coherent answers in an exam. To solve this situation, make him repeat keywords from each answer before the exam and keep them in mind. When writing long answers, he has to be able to recall the keywords.

Read thoroughly: 

To make sure your child is making the most of his time at school, make sure he reads his lessons every day at home. This will also help him reiterate what was taught in school.

Write it out: 

To help your child remember his answers better, it’s a good idea to have him write his responses out rather than just reading them aloud. Writing an answer once is equivalent to reading it several times and will greatly improve memory recall.

Get doubts cleared: 

If your child has a question while the teacher is teaching, advise him to raise his hand and get clarification. Not doing so will lead to a poor understanding of the lesson. Sharing his thoughts and understanding with classmates will also help.

Prepare a flow chart: 

Flow charts are key to helping your kids comprehend lessons, especially if they’re feeling a bit lost. If they follow the flow of the chart as they study, it can be easier for them to remember things that were taught. It’s a great way to sit back and review what had been learned.

Build confidence: 

Build your child’s self-confidence by having him regularly tell himself that he’ll understand and remember his lessons and that he’ll write down the answers accurately on the day of exams. It’s common for students to do badly in their exams because of a lack of confidence.

Proper diet and rest: 

Eating healthy food during exams is important because it can help to maintain a healthy body & mind. Doing so will provide the necessary nutrients for proper metabolism and optimal memory function. Provide your child with healthy meals high in fruit and vegetables and avoid junk food. Make sure he gets enough sleep and rest.

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