10 Fun and Easy Activities to Spark Your Preschooler’s Creativity at Home

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Preschool is a time for discovery and learning. Your child will be constantly exploring their environment and asking you questions about everything they observe.
That is why having activities for your child to enjoy at home is so essential. Not only do these help with their emotional development, but it also gives them the foundations of learning in all areas of life as they grow older.

Top 10 activities for preschooler at home - doerdo

Here are ten fun activities you can do with your preschooler at home that will foster creativity, imagination and fun!

1. Make Art Together

When your child and you create art together, they are creating connections between their world outside their mind and the one inside of it. This is an excellent opportunity to teach colors, shapes, and get them excited about art. It could be a weekly activity or setting up a studio in your home – either way it promotes creativity which is so essential for children’s future success.

Art is an engaging activity for preschoolers. Craft projects like colouring books, card sets and play-doh art can all be created. Additionally, more traditional mediums like drawing, painting or sculpture can also be explored alongside creating books. You could even get creative by making silly art items using supplies like patterning paper and creating personalized puzzles and board games using those same supplies!

2. Play with play dough and dress up

Dressing up is an excellent way for children to express creativity and pretend. They can create all kinds of characters, environments and costumes by drawing inspiration from things around them such as books, nature, their toys – the possibilities are endless! Additionally, this type of imaginative play and creativity can also be done using play dough!

Play dough is a fun and accessible craft material that’s great to work with. You can create dens, bring shapes and colors alive with it, or make silly sculptures and figures out of it. Plus, its stress relieving properties make it even better!

Dressing up is always a fun activity to do with preschoolers. You can encourage them to dress as an animal, character or even the person inside they are dressed as. This could be used as an outlet for expressing feelings or socialising by interacting with other people.

3. Take your preschooler on a nature walk and create a nature journal

By taking your preschooler on nature walks, you are teaching them how to observe and appreciate the world around them in a more personal manner. They can take note of different colors, shapes and sizes of plants, animals and other things around them while drawing or writing about what they observe in their journal. Take note of what you see so that later they can draw or write further about it in detail.

This journal is an excellent place to write down thoughts, feelings and dreams. It can also encourage your child to express themselves creatively and help them identify their desires.

4. Draw with finger paints and mix colours

Coloring is an enjoyable activity that allows your child to express themselves without using words. It helps develop creativity, as well as language and literacy skills. Encourage them to use different tools like crayons, markers, paint brushes etc. and have them experiment with mixing colours too!

Finger paints offer a wealth of activities to explore with them. You can draw, create patterns, decorate – the possibilities are endless! Additionally, there are plenty of books that incorporate finger painting into their content.

5. Jump rope and play hide-and-seek

Let’s face it: kids love playing games! Jump rope is an excellent way for your child to exercise, be creative, and build teamwork skills. There are various types of jump rope games you can do together as a family.

Some of these games are cooperative, where your child collaborates with a partner to finish a task; others are competitive, where one child competes to be the fastest.

You can also encourage your child to use the rope as a tool for improving concentration. That way, they are less likely to be distracted or inattentive to their environment since they are too focused on the rope.

6. Construct with Blocks and Legos

Building things with blocks and Legos is an excellent way to foster creativity and strengthen your child’s fine motor skills. Additionally, it helps develop problem-solving and critical thinking capabilities. Your child can build various things like forts/towers, vehicles, houses – the possibilities are endless!

If you don’t have a lot of Legos, don’t fret. There are plenty of other types of blocks that can be used for construction projects. Additionally, adding tools like screwdrivers and hammers makes construction more engaging.

7. Play a Game of Simon Says

Simon Says is an engaging game you and your child can play together that has no rules. It encourages them to be loud, express themselves through noisemaking and have fun!

Playing this game can be done in many different ways. You can collaborate with someone else in a group setting or play it with your child. You could even take this game on-the-go while waiting in line, at dinner table or while doing homework.

8. Create Fantasy Art or Doodle with Your Child

Coloring is an excellent way for children to relax and express their creative side. It also helps stimulate cognitive skills like attention and memory. Your little one can use their coloring pen on interesting or important items like books, nature scenes, or more – the possibilities are endless!

Your child can create a wide array of colouring books, from comics and word searches to story books and beyond. There are even colouring books with themes like pop art or nature included!

9. Learn to Skip and Rock-Paper-Scissors

Skipping and rock-paper-scissors can be played as a game or used as an educational tool to assist your child in making decisions.

When it comes to skipping, you can encourage your child to do a variety of things such as skip while singing a song or drawing pictures. They might even enjoy doing math problems and reading a book while they skip.

Rocking, paper and scissors can be used in many ways to encourage your child. You can encourage them to express their emotions about something by rocking, paper and Scissors; similarly, you could encourage them to adhere to rules at home or school by rocking, paper and Scissors as well.

10. Make Edible Art

Making edible art is an enjoyable and creative way to combine art with snack time. Your child can use fruits, vegetables, cheese and other healthy snacks to create vibrant creations that encourage them to try new foods and develop an appreciation for healthy eating. Additionally, this activity may help motivate your child to try new foods and develop a love of healthy eating in general.


Preschool is an invaluable time for kids to build self-confidence, explore the world around them and gain new skills with little or no fear of failure. They can practice various abilities while developing confidence in themselves as well.

Given this new world for their children, parents may find it challenging to navigate it effectively. Fortunately, there are lots of enjoyable and creative activities you can do together at home that will boost their self-esteem and spark their imaginations.

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