PSLE English: 9 Things to Keep in Mind for Success

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The PSLE English test is your passport to a brighter future. It determines whether a candidate will be able to pursue a secondary school education. This is why it is critical that you avoid any blunders in order to increase your chances of being accepted into your dream school.

The PSLE English test is not easy, but it’s not impossible either.

Mistakes that You Should Avoid before Taking PSLE English Exams

Not learning enough: The most common mistake of a student who has not read enough in advance is that the student learns too much at once and then becomes overwhelmed with material which is not helpful when attempting to answer questions quickly.

Not knowing the format: The second most common mistake that is committed by students is that they do not know what the exam is going to be like in general, or how it is going to be structured. When you know what the exam is like, it will help you in preparing yourself and knowing how you should approach the question.

Not having enough time: The most important factor is the time until the exam. If you have a lot of time then it’s probably not going to be that big of a problem, but if you’re running out of time for studying and/or preparation, then this is something that needs to be fixed immediately.

Using a dictionary and looking up words unnecessarily: This is something often seen by students. This can be a costly mistake if you waste time looking up words that are not on the exam, and you might not understand the meaning of some words if you do look them up. Just focus on what is being asked and practice the questions given to you without distracting yourself.

Over-preparing: Students often make the mistake of preparing for the PSLE English Exams too much and as a result, they get anxious on the day of their exams. It is best to simply prepare enough in advance so that you know what is expected, without overdoing it.

Mistakes that You Should Avoid when Taking PSLE English Exams

Failure to read adequately in advance: This is big mistake students often make, especially in the earlier stages of the PSLE English Exams. You should see a list of questions and topics to expect on the day of your exam, so you can plan your time accordingly. Otherwise, you might just be wasting 5 minutes to 15 minutes because you were not prepared for what was to come.

Failure to comprehend what you are reading: Students who do not understand what they are reading will struggle to answer the questions on their exams. They don’t know the meaning of certain words or are still trying to figure out a passage that has long passages of text with no breaks in between them. A lot of time this is due to not reading enough in advance which we discussed.

Failure to read at the appropriate speed: Students who read too fast will struggle to understand what they are reading. They also may not be able to pick up on information that is being asked for, such as dates or the aim that are explained over multiple sentences or paragraphs.

Failure to read your own work after answering: When you finish a piece of English work, you should read it over carefully to ensure that nothing is missing out. Make sure that there is a clear relationship between all the sentences, and that there are no mistakes in grammar or spelling. provides students with the real PSLE Exam Experience by letting them print and practice PSLE Format Question Papers with easy answerable OMR sheets