Subject-Verb Agreement

Pri 5

Course Intro

  • If you have to pick the most important grammar component, want to increase your scores, you definitely cannot rule out this course – Subject-Verb Agreement!
  • Come prepared to learn all the Subject Verb agreement rules under this Course!
  • Aligned with Singapore MOE Curriculum.

Course Description

Identify the subject and verb in a sentence.

How and why do the subject and verb have to agree with each other?

All the rules in subject-verb agreement, how to identify and which rule to apply.

How the subject can be singular or plural and how to determine the right verb agreement according to the sentence.

Tricky sentences to identify the right verb agreement.

Overall, from basic agreement principles to complex sentence structures, this course equips you with the knowledge and skills to express yourself with clarity and accuracy.

Who is this Course for?

This a highly recommended course for all P5 students!

Whether you are a native English speaker seeking to refine your writing or a non-native speaker aiming to improve your language proficiency, this course provides valuable insights and guidance.

What you will Learn?

The fundamental principles of subject-verb agreement.

How to navigate tricky phrases and expressions that impact agreement.

Strategies to handle plural subjects, collective nouns, and indefinite pronouns.

Techniques for managing sentences beginning with “here” or “there.”

Guidelines for dealing with measurements, time, money, and weight in agreement.

Rules regarding plural form subjects with singular meaning and titles of single entities.

Key Takeaways

Confidently apply subject-verb agreement rules in your writing.

Enhance the clarity and accuracy of your sentences.

Avoid common pitfalls and grammatical errors related to subject-verb agreement.

Develop a stronger command of English language conventions.

Communicate effectively and leave a lasting impression with your writing.

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Course Curriculum

Subject-Verb Agreement Learn how subjects and verbs must agree in number through examples and practice.
Phrases with “with” Explore the impact of phrases like “with,” “as well as,” and “together with” on agreement.
Plural Subjects Joined by “and” Understand the rules for verb agreement when dealing with plural subjects joined by “and.”
Collective Nouns Discover how collective nouns affect verb agreement, including both singular and plural verb usage.
Subjects Joined by “or/not”, “either…or/neither…nor”, “not only…but also” Learn the agreement rules when subjects are joined by specific conjunctions.
Sentences beginning with “here” or “there” Understand the unique subject-verb agreement patterns in sentences starting with “here” or “there.”
Singular and Plural Indefinite Pronouns Explore how singular and plural indefinite pronouns impact verb agreement.
Expressions of Measurement, Time, Money, and Weight Learn how to handle verb agreement in expressions involving measurement, time, money, and weight.
Plural Form Subjects with Singular Meaning Understand the usage of singular verbs with plural subjects that have singular meanings.
Titles of Single Entities Discover the agreement rules for titles of single entities.

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