Primary 4 English Full-Year Course

Pri 4
Primary 4 English

Course Intro

  • Develop language skills with engaging activities and interactive lessons.
  • Enhance listening, speaking, reading, and writing abilities.
  • Explore a wide range of texts and improve critical thinking skills.
  • specially designed for primary 4 students
  • with comprehensive coverage of vocabulary, grammar, composition, and comprehension.

Course Description

Engaging English is a comprehensive course designed to strengthen English language skills for primary 4 students in line with the MOE curriculum. Through a combination of listening, speaking, reading, and writing activities, students will develop a positive attitude towards language learning while improving their comprehension, communication, and creative expression. This course will foster critical thinking skills and promote the application of language knowledge in various contexts.

Who is this Course for?

This course is designed for Primary 4 students seeking to enhance their English language skills. It is suitable for students who want to improve their Grammar, Vocabulary, comprehension,, and composition skills.

What you will Learn?

Comprehend and analyze various types of texts

Enhance critical thinking abilities by making connections within texts.

Acquire writing mechanics, including spelling skills and strategies.

Generate, organize, and express ideas creatively and critically.

Apply grammar knowledge to convey ideas accurately.

Expand vocabulary knowledge and use words effectively in different contexts.

Key Takeaways


Critical Thinking and Analysis: They will develop the ability to think critically, identifying connections within texts and analyzing language choices to uncover implied meanings.

Effective Text Engagement: Your child will engage confidently with various texts, making connections, drawing inferences, and understanding diverse contexts for different purposes.

Proficient Reading and Viewing: They will have strong reading and viewing skills, enabling them to closely examine texts, apply comprehension strategies, and derive meaning from different text types.

Confident Communication: Your child will be a confident speaker, actively participating in discussions, expressing ideas clearly, and using appropriate language features and modes effectively.

Writing Proficiency and Creativity: They will exhibit fluency in writing, legibility, and spelling, with the ability to generate, organize, express, revise ideas, and create engaging texts for varied purposes.

Why Learn from doerdo Tuition Course?

Experienced Teachers: Our highly skilled ex-MOE teachers provide expert guidance and support.

Student Performance Tracking: Parents can track their child’s progress and performance through detailed insights.

After-Class Support: Teachers are readily available to address students’ questions and provide additional support.

AI-based Tests and Homework: Students benefit from AI-powered assessments and homework assignments for effective learning.

Course Curriculum

Viewing Critically – Develop critical thinking skills by identifying connections within texts and analyzing visual texts for implied meaning and the impact of language choices.
Listening and Viewing Extensively – Engage with a wide range of texts for different purposes, making connections, drawing inferences, and understanding various contexts.
Speaking and Representing Confidently – Plan, set goals, engage in discussions, listen actively, respond clearly, express ideas coherently, and use appropriate semiotic modes for effective communication.
Writing and Representing Mechanics – Develop a positive attitude, enhance writing fluency, legibility, and spelling skills, and utilize strategies for accurate writing and effective expression.
Writing and Representing Creatively – Generate, organize, express, revise ideas, adapt language features, collaborate, and create engaging texts for different purposes.
Grammar at Word, Phrase, and Sentence Levels – Apply grammatical knowledge to convey accurate ideas in social contexts and understand how construction forms contribute to meaning.
Grammar at Text Level – Use cohesive devices, grammatical structures, and appropriate language features to create effective links across texts and understand their impact on meaning and coherence.
Developing Rich Vocabulary Knowledge – Actively expand vocabulary, understand word formation and relationships, and use words appropriately in different contexts for enhanced communication and comprehension.
Using Vocabulary: Select words suitable for specific purposes, contexts, and cultures; accurately use fixed expressions, and integrate vocabulary with semiotic modes for meaningful communication.
Use of Terms – Develop a deeper understanding of language mechanics, use metalanguage to discuss language functioning, and apply knowledge during editing and self-correction processes.

Course Type

Tuition Course

Class Type

Small Group

Group Size



1.5 hrs

Num of Sessions

4 - 5 per month



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