Physics Bundle 1

Sec 2
Physics Bundle 1

Course Intro

  • Explore the fascinating world of Secondary 2 Physics with our comprehensive bundle, covering heat energy transfer and electrical systems.
  • Dive into fundamental concepts, from temperature measurement to the intricacies of electrical circuits.

Course Description

This course delves rigorously examines the core concepts of heat energy transfer, exploring temperature measurement and the scientific intricacies of expansion and contraction in daily life. Additionally, the course systematically analyzes electrical systems, demonstrating their components and operational mechanisms within the context of electrical circuits.

Who is this Course for?

  • Secondary School Students: Tailored for students in the Secondary 2 academic level.
  • Self-Learners: Individuals motivated to independently explore and master the intricacies of Secondary 2 Physics concepts.

What you will Learn?

  • Heat energy transfer: Temperature, thermometers, and everyday applications.
  • Matter dynamics: Expansion, contraction, and particulate nature exploration.
  • Electrical systems: Components, operational mechanisms, and circuit fundamentals.
  • Practical insights: Real-world application of physics concepts.

Key Takeaways

  • Comprehend heat’s nature, temperature measurement, and matter’s particulate behavior.
  • Analyze expansion and contraction phenomena in daily scenarios.
  • Understand electrical systems and their fundamental components.
  • Apply knowledge to interpret and construct basic electrical circuits.

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Course Curriculum

Heat and Temperature: Discover the basics of heat, temperature measurement, and different thermometers. Understand how heat travels and how things expand and contract. Relate these changes to the tiny particles that make up matter.
Applying Heat in Life: See how heat affects our daily lives. Connect the dots between heat, expansion, and contraction in practical situations, making the science relevant and understandable.
Everyday Electrical Systems: Explore common electrical systems and how they work. Learn about the main parts of electrical circuits, the building blocks of electronic devices.
Practical Applications of Electrical Concepts: Dive into the world of electrical circuits. Discover examples and grasp the essential components that make gadgets tick. Uncover the real-world applications of electrical concepts in technology and everyday activities.

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Small Group

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1.5 hrs

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