Percentage, Fractions and Ratio Questions

Pri 6

Course Intro

  • Dive into the world of percentages, fractions, and ratios with our engaging online course designed specifically for Primary 6 students.
  • Gain a solid understanding of essential mathematical concepts and unleash your problem-solving skills.
  • Explore real-life scenarios and practical examples that make learning exciting and relevant.

Course Description

  • The course will include a combination of interactive lessons, problem-solving exercises, and practice quizzes to help students build their understanding and skills in these three areas.
  • The goal of the course is to help students develop critical thinking skills and the ability to apply their knowledge in real-world situations.
  • With a focus on real-world scenarios and hands-on practice, this course will equip students with the necessary skills to confidently tackle mathematical challenges.

Who is this Course for?

  • This course is designed for primary school students in Grade 6 who are seeking to strengthen their understanding of Percentages, Fractions, and Ratio concepts.
  • It is suitable for students looking to excel in mathematics and build a strong foundation for future learning.

What you will Learn?

  • Learn how to calculate profit and loss, discounts, and percentage change in various scenarios.
  • Master the art of simplifying, comparing, and performing operations with fractions.
  • Gain a deep understanding of ratios, including comparing ratios, sharing in given ratios, and finding values based on ratios.
  • Apply your knowledge to real-life examples and problem-solving situations.
  • Strengthen your mathematical skills and build a solid foundation for further learning.

Key Takeaways

  • Confidently calculate percentages, profit and loss, and discounts.
  • Perform operations with fractions, including simplifying and comparing.
  • Understand and apply ratio concepts to real-life scenarios.
  • Develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills.
  • Build a strong mathematical foundation for future studies.

Why Learn from doerdo Tuition Course?

  • Experienced Teachers: Our team of experienced ex-MOE teachers ensures high-quality instruction and personalized support through interactive live sessions.
  • Student Performance Tracking: Parents can monitor their child’s progress and performance through our comprehensive tracking system.
  • After-Class Support: Students receive assistance and clarification on concepts beyond the classroom.
  • AI-Based Tests and Homework: Our AI-powered assessments and homework assignments provide targeted practice and feedback.
  • Engaging and Interactive Learning: Interactive resources and engaging activities make learning enjoyable and effective.

Course Curriculum

Percentage – Covers topics like profit and loss, discount calculation, and percentage change. Example: Calculating profit percentage in a business transaction.
Fractions – Involves simplifying, comparing, and performing operations with fractions. Example: Adding and subtracting fractions with different denominators.
Ratio – Focuses on comparing ratios, sharing in a given ratio, and finding values based on ratios. Example: Comparing the ratio of boys to girls in a class.
Unit Fractions – Explores the concept of unit fractions and their relationship with other fractions. Example: Understanding that 1/3 is equivalent to 2/6 or 4/12.
Converting Fraction – Involves converting fractions into ratios for comparison and analysis. Example: Converting 3/5 into the ratio 3:5.
Comparing Ratios – Discusses methods to compare ratios and understand their relationship. Example: Comparing the ratio of red to blue balls in two different sets.
Finding the Value – Involves finding the value when the ratio is given. Example: Finding the unknown value in a ratio proportion.
Finding the Total – Focuses on finding the total amount when fractional expenditure and ratios are given. Example: Calculating the total expenses based on given ratios.
Finding Length or Area – Covers methods to find length or area when the ratio is given. Example: Finding the length of a rectangle when the ratio of length to width is known.
Given Absolute Quantity – Discusses finding quantities based on given ratios, absolute amounts, and fractional relationships. Example: Determining the quantity of an item based on its ratio with another item and given total quantity.

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