P6 Math Full-Year Course

Pri 6
Primary 6 Maths

Course Intro

Empower your mathematical prowess with our comprehensive Primary 6 Math full-year course

Master topics, from fractions and percentages to algebra and geometry

Excel with confidence in solving questions on any topic

Build strong foundations and elevate your problem-solving skills to new heights

The course fully follows MOE PSLE syllabus and format

Course Description

Immerse yourself in a year-long journey of mathematical excellence with our Primary 6 Math course. Explore fundamental concepts such as fractions, percentages, ratios, algebra, geometry, and statistics. Through interactive live classes, engaging exercises, and real-world examples, you will develop a deep understanding of these topics and enhance your problem-solving abilities. With experienced teachers, personalized guidance, and instant feedback, Doerdo ensures an effective and rewarding learning experience for every student.

Who is this Course for?

This course is specifically designed for primary school students who aim to excel in mathematics. Whether you want to strengthen your understanding of fractions, percentages, algebraic expressions, volume, speed, average, rate, ratio, geometric figures, pie charts, solid figures, or statistical analysis, this course will provide the necessary knowledge and skills to thrive in the subject.

This course has been thoughtfully crafted to provide you with the opportunity to practice questions, beginning at the most basic level and advancing to more challenging ones with a gradual increase in difficulty.

What you will Learn?

Throughout this course, you will learn a wide range of mathematical concepts and skills, including:

Dividing or multiplying fractions by whole numbers and by fractions, and solving relevant word problems

Finding the whole given part and the percentage, calculating percentage increase or decrease, interest, and GST calculations

Exploring the relationship between fractions and ratios and solving word problems involving ratios, percentages, fractions, and averages

Visualize different questions from speed and understand the application of the simple distance triangle in solving complex problems

Understanding algebraic notation, evaluating and simplifying linear expressions, and solving simple linear equations

Calculating the area and circumference of circles, determining the area and perimeter of semicircles and composite figures, and exploring the volume and dimensions of cubes and cuboids

Identifying angles in composite geometric figures involving special quadrilaterals, visualizing and drawing 2D (nets) representations of various 3D solids, identifying nets of 3D solids, and determining the corresponding solid

Reading and interpreting data from pie charts and applying data from tables and graphs to solve one-step problems

Revise your lower-grade questions on different topics.

Key Takeaways

Master essential concepts and techniques in Primary 6 math.

Strengthen your problem-solving skills and mathematical reasoning abilities.

Develop a deep understanding of fractions, percentages, algebra, geometry, and statistics.

Gain confidence in tackling complex mathematical challenges.

Excel in your primary education and lay a solid foundation for further mathematical exploration.

Why Learn from doerdo Tuition Course?

Experienced Teachers: Benefit from highly skilled, ex-MOE teachers who possess a wealth of knowledge and teaching expertise.

Performance Visibility: Parents can track their child’s progress and performance through detailed reports and assessments.

After-Class Support: Receive prompt assistance from teachers to address any queries or difficulties outside of class hours.

A.I. Based Tests and Homework: Engage in AI-powered assessments and homework assignments for effective learning and practice.

Personalised Learning Experience: Enjoy a tailored approach to education that caters to your unique learning needs and pace.

Course Curriculum

Fractions – Explore the division of fractions by whole numbers and fractions, and solve word problems involving fractions.
Percentage – Learn to find the whole given a part and percentage, calculate percentage increase/decrease, and solve related word problems.
Ratio – Understand the relationship between fractions and ratios, and solve word problems involving changing ratios.
Rate and Speed – Grasp the concepts of speed, average speed, distance, and time, and solve word problems related to rate and speed.
Algebra – Dive into using letters to represent unknown numbers, interpreting algebraic expressions, simplifying linear expressions, evaluating expressions by substitution, and solving simple linear equations.
Area and Volume – Calculate the area and circumference of circles, determine the area and perimeter of semicircles and composite figures, and explore the volume and dimensions of cubes and cuboids.
Geometry – Discover unknown angles in composite geometric figures involving special quadrilaterals, identify and visualize 2D representations of 3D solids, determine nets of 3D solids, and relate nets to corresponding solids.
Statistics – Learn to read and interpret data from pie charts, and apply data from tables/graphs to solve one-step problems.

Course Type

Tuition Course

Class Type

Small Group

Group Size



1.5 hrs

Num of Sessions

4 - 5 per month



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