P5 Tamil Full Year Course

Pri 5

Course Intro

  • Enhance your Tamil language skills in Primary 5 with our comprehensive course.
  • Gain confidence and develop your listening, speaking, reading, writing, verbal communication, and written communication abilities.
  • Covers the whole MOE P5 Tamil Syllabus and Sync with School Curriculum.

Course Description

In this course, students will focus on mastering the Primary 5 Tamil syllabus through interactive live classes. They will actively engage in listening and observing texts, improving their comprehension and expression. Through speaking exercises, they will enhance their communication skills, adapting their language appropriately. Students will develop reading fluency, comprehension strategies, and the ability to synthesize information from various passages. Writing tasks will strengthen their written expression, while verbal and written communication activities will enable an effective exchange of ideas. This course offers hours of dedicated learning to excel in Primary 5 Tamil.

Who is this Course for?

  • Students who want to practice and excel in Tamil with a good background and understanding of grammar rules.
  • This course is for students who want to get deep insights into Primary5 Tamil.
  • Students who want to strengthen from basics to excel in the Tamil language.

What you will Learn?

  • செய்யுள் – திருக்குறள், பழமொழி, ஆத்திச்சூடி, உலகநீதி, வெற்றி வேட்கை.
  • எதிர்சொற்கள் ( antonyms)  , ஒரு பொருள் பல சொல் ( homonym ), ஒலி வேறுபாட்டுச் சொற்கள் ( Homophones ), ஒத்த சொற்கள் ( Synonyms ) 
  • இலக்கணம் – காலங்கள் – காலம் காட்டும் இடைநிலைகள், முக்காலங்களில் ஒருமை பன்மை
  • வேற்றுமை உருபுகள் – Learn all 6 Vettrumai Urubugal Rules and their applications.
  • உரிச்சொற்கள் –  Learn the right usage of appropriate urisorkal.
  • சொல்லகராதி – Extensive new words to strengthen your language usage in composition writing, listening, and Oral.
  • எழுத்துப் பிழை – எழுத்துப்பிழை காரணங்கள் மற்றும் எழுத்துப்பிழை இல்லாமல் கட்டுரை எழுதுவது எப்படி? 
  • முன்னுணர்வுக் கருத்தறிதல் , கருத்து விளக்கப்படக் கருத்தறிதல்
  • மொழி மரபுகள்

Key Takeaways

  • Strong writing skills, constructing coherent and well-structured compositions.
  • Enhanced verbal and written communication abilities.
  • Reading fluency and effective comprehension strategies.
  • Clear and fluent communication with appropriate intonation and pronunciation.
  • Exposure to a variety of new and relevant Tamil words

Why Learn from doerdo Tuition Course?

  • Experienced MOE teachers with years of expertise.
  • Parents can track student performance and progress.
  • Interactive learning through Videos, Live sessions, and Extensive notes.
  • Extensive effective practice through AI-based Practice questions based on students’ abilities and needs.
  • After-class support for addressing doubts and questions.
  • AI-based tests and homework assignments for Follow up and review.
  • Personalized learning path and mentorship for individual students for focus learning.

Course Curriculum

Speaking: Pronounce words clearly and express ideas, use a varied vocabulary appropriate for a given situation.
Reading: pronounce words correctly, and read fluently with confidence. Pick techniques to comprehend the given text. Derive conclusions, and implied meanings with possible synonyms to get a better sense of the given passage.
Writing: Minimise spelling mistakes, and understand the impact of the smallest change in your spelling that can cause on your whole writing with our extensive practice, and video explanations, tricks and techniques to overcome errors while expressing your ideas on paper.
Verbal Communication: Interactive live courses with Experienced Oral examiners to express ideas in Tamil with the right sentences confidently and gracefully.
Written Communication:  Activities to build better sentences with the right usage of adjectives. Identifying errors and creating better sentences to express ideas, emotions and thoughts. Confidently write compositions with great openings and amazing conclusions.

Course Type

Tuition Course

Class Type

Small Group

Group Size



1.5 hrs

Num of Sessions

4 - 5 per month



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