P5 Malay Full-Year Course

Pri 5

Course Intro

Covers the whole MOE P5 Malay Syllabus. Sync with the school curriculum.

In this comprehensive course, students will learn essential language skills, including pronunciation, punctuation, vocabulary mastery, writing tools, grammar, and comprehension. They will develop the ability to communicate effectively in Malay, both in speaking and writing, while also gaining a deeper understanding of literary and cultural elements.

Course Description

In this course, students will develop strong communication skills. They will learn to articulate words clearly with appropriate intonation and stress, effectively use punctuation for meaning, enrich their vocabulary, employ literary techniques for expression, grasp grammar rules, construct diverse sentence structures, and comprehend various text types. These skills empower them to communicate effectively, both verbally and in writing, and to interpret and respond to different forms of communication in a meaningful and informed manner. The course is designed to be interactive, foster critical thinking and language proficiency, and emphasizes cultural expressions for a well-rounded understanding.

Who is this Course for?

The above course is typically designed for primary school students, specifically those in Primary 5, whose Mother Tongue Language is Malay. It aims to enhance their language and communication skills in Malay, helping them become proficient in reading, writing, and comprehending the language.

What you will Learn?

Language Proficiency: Develop fluency in spoken and written Malay, mastering pronunciation, grammar, and vocabulary for effective communication.

Literary Techniques: Learn to use literary devices like simile, metaphor, and irony to enhance students’ writing and expression.

Text Comprehension: Gain the ability to analyze and understand various types of texts, including narratives, informative texts, and persuasive content, enabling students to respond thoughtfully and appropriately.

Key Takeaways

Enhance Communication Skills: Students will have improved phonemic awareness. They’ll be able to convey their thoughts effectively through spoken and written communication, using appropriate voice quality, intonation, and stress.

Master Vocabulary: Students will enrich their vocabulary through reading and writing, making use of words, phrases, proverbs, synonyms, and antonyms (contohnya pengkelasan perkataan, frasa, peribahasa, sinonim dan antonim). This will enable them to choose words precisely and express themselves more eloquently.

Write Effectively: With a solid understanding of literary aspects like simile, metaphor, and personification (contohnya simili, metafora, personifikasi, hiperbola, keselarian, ironi), they will be able to use these literary tools to enhance their writing, adding depth and creativity to their compositions. They’ll also have a good grasp of grammar, ensuring their writing is grammatically correct.

Morphology and Syntax Proficiency: Students will use words correctly, including their various forms (kata tunggal, kata terbitan, kata ganda, kata majmuk) and word formation techniques. They’ll also be proficient in constructing different sentence structures accurately, such as single sentences and compound sentences, with a variety of sentence types (ayat penyata, ayat Tanya, ayat seruan, ayat perintah) in both active and passive forms.

Comprehend and Analyze Texts: They will be able to infer meaning from various types of texts, such as narratives, informative texts, and persuasive texts. They will identify the purpose and audience of the texts they read or view and distinguish between different types of texts. This skill will help them analyze and interpret texts effectively, improving their reading comprehension and critical thinking abilities.

Why Learn from doerdo Tuition Course?

Experienced Teachers: Our expert ex-MOE teachers provide personalized guidance and support throughout the course.

Comprehensive Curriculum: The course adheres to the latest MOE syllabus, ensuring students stay up-to-date with current educational standards.

Parental Involvement: Parents can monitor their child’s progress, gaining insights into their performance and areas for improvement.

After-Class Support: Teachers are readily available to address students’ questions and doubts even after the class is over.

AI-Based Homework and Tests: Our AI-driven assignments and tests help students practice and reinforce their learning effectively.

Course Curriculum

Phonemic Awareness: Students will improve their pronunciation, voice quality, and fluency when speaking and reading aloud. They will also learn to use appropriate intonation to convey meaning and expression effectively. This skill is crucial for clear and accurate communication in the Malay language.
Vocabulary Mastery: Vocabulary enrichment through reading and writing is a significant focus. Students will practice enhanced vocabulary, including phrases, proverbs, synonyms, and antonyms appropriately. Expanding their vocabulary enhances their language skills and comprehension.
Writing Tools and Literature: Students will understand and apply various literary aspects such as contohnya simili, metafora, personifikasi, hiperbola, keselarian, ironi. Additionally, they will learn to use implied and written language tools like contohnya simili, perumpamaan, simpulan bahasa to enhance the depth and expressiveness of their writing.
Grammar Control: Students will develop a strong foundation in Malay grammar, covering Morfologi and Sintaksis. This includes using correct word forms kata tunggal, kata terbitan, kata ganda, kata majmuk, and word formation (pengimbuhan, penggandaan, pemajmukan). They will also learn to construct various sentence structures accurately and use different types of sentences (ayat penyata, ayat Tanya, ayat seruan, ayat perintah) correctly, including both active and passive voice.
Comprehension: This aspect involves the ability to extract meaning from visual texts (contohnya naratif, informatif, pujukan), identifying the purpose and audience of texts, and distinguishing between different types of texts.

Course Type

Tuition Course

Class Type

Small Group

Group Size



1.5 hrs

Num of Sessions

4 - 5 per month



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