P3 Math Full-Year Course

Pri 3

Course Intro

  • Develop a solid foundation in mathematics.
  • Covers the entire MOE P3 Math Full-Year Syllabus.
  • Sync seamlessly with the school’s math curriculum.
  • Benefit from the mentorship of experienced ex-MOE teachers.
  • Achieve mastery in math through guided instruction.

Course Description

Our P3 Math Full-Year Course is thoughtfully crafted to empower students with a profound comprehension of the Singaporean Primary 3 Math syllabus. Spanning 60 hours of captivating and interactive live sessions, our highly adept ex-MOE teachers are passionately committed to guiding every child toward triumph and excellence in their mathematical journey.

Who is this Course for?

  • This course is for Primary 3 students who want to excel in Math and build a strong foundation for future mathematical learning.
  • It is also suitable for parents who are looking for an effective and reliable online platform to support their child’s Math education.

What you will Learn?

Students will learn key concepts and techniques across various topics in the Primary 3 Math syllabus, such as numbers, operations, fractions, money, measurements, time, Volume, geometry, and data representation while developing problem-solving skills and mathematical thinking.

Heuristics Questions – drawing Models, Working backward, making assumptions, Number patterns, shape Patterns, Restating the problems.

Key Takeaways

  • Gain a thorough understanding of Primary 3 Math concepts and techniques
  • Develop essential problem-solving skills and mathematical thinking
  • Boost confidence in tackling challenging Math questions
  • Improve performance in school exams and assessments
  • Establish a strong foundation for future mathematical learning
  • Solve heuristic questions with ease and confidence

Why Learn from doerdo Tuition Course?

  • Experienced Teachers: Learn from ex-MOE educators with a proven track record of success
  • Personalized Learning: Benefit from small class sizes and tailored lesson plans
  • After-Class Support: Receive guidance from teachers even outside of class hours
  • AI-Powered Tests and Homework: Enhance learning through AI-driven practice and assessment
  • Parental Insights: Monitor your child’s progress and performance easily

Course Curriculum

Numbers up to 10,000: Develop a strong foundation in place values, comparison, and ordering of numbers up to 10,000, and explore patterns in number sequences.
Addition and Subtraction: Master addition and subtraction algorithms for up to 4-digit numbers and learn effective mental calculation strategies.
Multiplication and Division: Reinforce multiplication tables of 6, 7, 8, and 9, and apply them to multiplication and division problems.
Equivalent Fraction: Understand equivalent fractions, simplify them, and learn to compare and order fractions
Addition and Subtraction in Fractions: Acquire skills in adding and subtracting related fractions within one whole
Money: Learn to add and subtract money using decimal notation and apply these skills to real-life situations.
Measurements – Length, Mass, and Volume: Master measuring and converting length, mass, and volume using standard units and real-life examples.
Time: Understand time measurement, work with starting and finishing times, and use the 24-hour clock effectively.
Area and Perimeter: Learn to measure the area and perimeter of plane figures, including rectangles and squares, and apply these concepts to real-life problems.
Angles: Gain knowledge of angle concepts, identify different types of angles, and apply them in various geometric contexts.
Perpendicular and Parallel Lines: Understand the concepts of perpendicular and parallel lines and recognize them in different scenarios.
Bar Graphs: Develop skills in reading, interpreting, and constructing bar graphs to represent data effectively.

Course Type

Tuition Course

Class Type

Small Group

Group Size



1.5 hrs

Num of Sessions

4-5 per month



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Young Wai Keong Vincent

Ex MOE Teacher
18+ Years Exp
Math & Science Subject Expert

Mary Lin An Chin

Ex MOE Teacher
20+ Years Exp
Math and English Subject Expert

Suriawati Binte Sulaimi

Ex MOE Teacher
17+ Years Exp
Math and Science Subject Expert

Tan Qianru

Ex MOE Teacher
11+ Years Exp
Chinese Subject Expert

Yee Hong Ng

Ex MOE Teacher
12+ Years Exp
Chinese Subject Expert

Nur Aqilah Binte Mohammad Mazni

Ex MOE Teacher
4+ Years Exp
English Subject Expert