P3 English Full Year Course

Pri 3

Course Intro

  • Strengthen your language fundamentals to excel confidently.
  • Cover the entire P3 English syllabus comprehensively.
  • Seamlessly Sync with School Curriculum.
  • Discover the power of words to express yourself with impact.
  • Immerse yourself in dynamic exercises to enhance listening, reading, speaking, writing, grammar, and vocabulary skills.

Course Description

  • Through a carefully designed curriculum aligned with the Primary 3 English syllabus, you will develop essential language skills, including listening and viewing, reading and analyzing texts, effective speaking and representing, creative and critical writing, grammar mastery, and expanding vocabulary.
  • Through interactive lessons, engaging activities, and personalized feedback, you will build a solid foundation in English, preparing you for future success.

Who is this Course for?

This course is tailored for Primary 3 students who want to excel in English and enhance their language abilities. Whether you are seeking to strengthen your language skills, improve exam performance, or develop a deeper understanding of English concepts, this course is designed to meet your needs.

What you will Learn?

  • Master grammar rules and structures, strengthening your command of the English language – Articles; Tenses; Pronouns And Relative Clauses; Quantifiers; Singular Plural; Preposition; Adjectives; Connectors; Question Tag; Subject Verb Agreement; Questions Words
  • Expand your vocabulary, exploring a wide range of words and expressions for improved communication.
  • Sharpen your listening and viewing skills through focused exercises and activities.
  • Develop close reading techniques and critical thinking abilities to comprehend and analyze various texts effectively.
  • Enhance your speaking and representing skills, enabling confident and effective communication in diverse contexts.
  • Acquire the mechanics of writing, nurturing creativity and critical thinking to express your ideas with clarity and coherence.

Key Takeaways

  • Strengthened listening and viewing skills to understand and interpret information effectively.
  • Enhanced reading abilities, enabling you to comprehend and analyze texts critically.
  • Improved speaking and representing skills, fostering confident and effective communication.
  • Polished writing skills, empowering you to express ideas creatively and critically.
  • Grammar mastery and expanded vocabulary, enrich your language proficiency.

Why Learn from doerdo Tuition Course?

  • Experienced Teachers: Our team of expert Ex-MOE educators brings years of teaching experience and subject expertise.
  • Performance Visibility: Parents can monitor their child’s progress through comprehensive performance tracking.
  • After-Class Support: Our teachers provide individualized support and guidance for students’ questions and concerns.
  • AI-Based Tests and Homework: Engage in interactive assessments and AI-generated homework for effective learning.
  • Personalized Learning Journey: Our curriculum and resources are tailored to suit the needs of Primary 3 students.

Course Curriculum

Listening and Viewing – Develop active listening skills through engaging exercises, enabling a better understanding of spoken content.
Reading and Viewing – Master close reading techniques to comprehend texts deeply and critically analyze their content.
Speaking and Representing – Build confidence and effective communication skills through various speaking and representing activities.
Writing and Representing – Learn the mechanics of writing, fostering creativity and critical thinking for diverse writing tasks.
Grammar – Explore word, phrase, sentence, and text-level grammar, including parts of speech and sentence structure.
Vocabulary – Expand your vocabulary by exploring different word categories and effectively using them in various contexts.

Course Type

Tuition Course

Class Type

Small Group

Group Size



1.5 hrs

Num of Sessions

4-5 per month



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Young Wai Keong Vincent

Ex MOE Teacher
18+ Years Exp
Math & Science Subject Expert

Mary Lin An Chin

Ex MOE Teacher
20+ Years Exp
Math and English Subject Expert

Suriawati Binte Sulaimi

Ex MOE Teacher
17+ Years Exp
Math and Science Subject Expert

Tan Qianru

Ex MOE Teacher
11+ Years Exp
Chinese Subject Expert

Yee Hong Ng

Ex MOE Teacher
12+ Years Exp
Chinese Subject Expert

Nur Aqilah Binte Mohammad Mazni

Ex MOE Teacher
4+ Years Exp
English Subject Expert