Open ended Questions

Pri 3

Course Intro

Learn smart techniques to excel in examinations with open-ended questions

Develop critical thinking and analytical skills to score higher marks

Follows Primary 3 MOE syllabus

Course Description

The course will include interactive activities, group discussions, and written assignments that will help students practice their skills and receive feedback.

Students will also learn how to use evidence and reasoning to support their answers and how to analyze and evaluate different perspectives

Through practical examples and guidance, students will learn how to analyze important information, apply elimination techniques, ensure answer accuracy, and connect concepts to memory. By the end of the course, students will be equipped with the skills to excel in open-ended question assessments

Who is this Course for?

This course is ideal for students who want to improve their performance in exams that involve open-ended questions. It is suitable for learners in Primary 3 and above who aim to enhance their critical thinking, analytical abilities, and answer precision.

What you will Learn?

The concept and significance of open-ended questions in examinations

Smart approaches, including the FOCUS ME technique, can help you score higher marks.

Techniques to analyze important information, apply elimination strategies, and ensure answer accuracy

How to connect concepts to memory for better retention and application

Key Takeaways

Develop a deep understanding of open-ended questions and their requirements.

Master the FOCUS ME technique for effective analysis and response.

Gain confidence in applying elimination techniques to narrow down options.

Improve answer accuracy by applying proven tips and techniques.

Enhance critical thinking and connect concepts to memory for better performance.

Why Learn from doerdo Tuition Course?

Experienced Teachers: Learn from highly skilled ex-MOE teachers with expertise in exam preparation and open-ended questions.

Student Performance Tracking: Parents can monitor their child’s progress and performance through comprehensive performance tracking tools.

After-Class Support: Access to teachers for post-class doubt resolution and additional guidance.

AI-Based Tests and Homework: Benefit from AI-powered mock exams, practice tests, and homework assignments tailored to reinforce open-ended question skills.

Course Curriculum

Open-ended Questions: – Introduction to the Concept and Significance of Open-ended Questions in Examinations
Techniques in Answering: Smart approaches to scoring higher in open-ended question examinations, including the FOCUS ME technique
Applying Focus Me: Practical application of the FOCUS ME technique through examples, enhancing analysis skills
Elimination Techniques: Utilizing elimination techniques effectively in open-ended questions to narrow down options
Answer Accuracy: Tips and techniques to ensure answer accuracy in open-ended questions, improving overall performance
Connect Concepts to Memory: Strategies to connect concepts to memory, enabling better recall and application in open-ended question scenarios

Course Type


Class Type

Small Group

Group Size



1.5 hrs

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