O-Level English: 500 words Vocabulary Building

Sec 4

Course Intro

This course focuses on expanding secondary 4 / 5 / Olevel students’ vocabulary and improving their language proficiency. A carefully curated list of 500 words will not only improve your vocabulary skills but also your confidence to do well in your O Level English exams.

Course Description

This course is designed to enhance students’ language skills by providing them with opportunities to expand their vocabulary and improve their overall proficiency in the English language. The curriculum will include a variety of activities and exercises aimed at helping students learn new words, understand word meanings and usage, and use them correctly and effectively in their writing and speaking. Additionally, students will be exposed to a variety of texts, including literature, news articles, and other forms of written communication, to help them understand the nuances of the words when used in different contexts and improve their comprehension skills.

Who is this Course for?

All O level students

What you will Learn?

Expand Your Vocabulary: Learn and master 500 essential words commonly used in the O-Level English exams.

Improve Reading Comprehension: Increase your ability to understand and interpret complex texts by recognizing and comprehending a wider range of vocabulary.

Enhance Writing Skills: Use your expanded vocabulary to write more eloquently and persuasively in essays and creative writing tasks.

Excel in Examinations: Boost your scores in O-Level English exams, especially in vocabulary-related questions.

Key Takeaways

A strong foundation in 500 essential words is crucial for O-Level English success.

Increased confidence in reading and comprehending a wide range of texts.

Enhanced writing skills with the ability to use vocabulary effectively in essays and creative writing.

Improved performance in O-Level English exams, particularly in vocabulary-related questions.

A valuable skill set that extends beyond exams, benefiting your overall English language proficiency.

Why Learn from doerdo Tuition Course?

Experienced MOE teachers with years of expertise

Parents can track student performance and progress.

Interactive learning through videos, live sessions, and extensive notes

Extensive effective practice through AI-based Practice questions based on student’s abilities and needs.

After-class support for addressing doubts and questions

AI-based tests and homework assignments for Follow-up and review.

Personalized learning path and mentorship for individual students for focused learning.

Course Curriculum

Introduction to Vocabulary Building
  • Understanding the importance of a rich vocabulary
  • Tips for effective vocabulary acquisition
High-Frequency Words
  • Learn and practice the first set of 100 high-frequency words
Advanced Words and Phrases
  • Explore more challenging vocabulary used in academic and literary contexts
Vocabulary in Context
  • Understand how words are used in sentences and texts
  • Contextual exercises and activities
Vocabulary in Writing
  • Apply your expanded vocabulary to enhance your writing
  • Crafting compelling essays and narratives
 Vocabulary Assessment
  • Regular quizzes and exercises to test your vocabulary knowledge
Exam Preparation
  • Specific Strategies for Tackling vocabulary-related questions in O-Level English exams

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Small Group

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1.5 hrs

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