Let’s Solve Heuristics

Pri 4

Course Intro

  • All Primary 4 Heuristics Questions under one roof.
  • Hand-picked easy to challenging heuristics questions with plenty of similar practice for clear understanding.
  • Course syllabus follows P4 moe syllabus

Course Description

In this 12-hour course, students will learn to utilize critical thinking skills such as classifying, comparing, sequencing, generalizing, induction, deduction, analyzing, and synthesizing. They will be introduced to Polya’s problem-solving model and various heuristics techniques, including drawing models, tabulating, guess and check, working backwards, simplifying problems, and considering special cases.

Who is this Course for?

  • This course is ideal for Primary 4 students who want to enhance their problem-solving capabilities and develop a strong foundation in heuristic thinking methods for academic and real-life challenges.
  • Students who find heuristic questions hard to understand and solve.
  • Students who want to discover the truly amazing side of heuristic questions and how to actually decode these questions.

What you will Learn?

Heuristic questions – methods to solve them, comparing and analysing different question types for a better understanding of different types of questions and how a single word change in a question would actually change your entire method of solving a question!

You will acquire a comprehensive understanding of Heuristics thinking skills, Polya’s problem-solving model, and a range of heuristics techniques to approach complex problems with confidence.


Key Takeaways

  • Comprehensive understanding of Heuristics skills essential for problem-solving.
  • Proficiency in using heuristics techniques to overcome complex challenges.
  • Ability to apply learned concepts to real-life situations and academic subjects.
  • Improved critical thinking and analytical skills for overall academic success.

Why Learn from doerdo Tuition Course?

  • Experienced Teachers: Our highly skilled ex-MOE teachers provide personalized guidance and feedback.
  • AI-Powered Learning: Utilize AI-based tests and homework to enhance your understanding of heuristic thinking.
  • After-Class Support: Receive one-on-one mentorship from our dedicated teachers for doubt resolution.
  • Performance Insights: Parents can track their child’s progress and areas for improvement through our platform.
  • Interactive Content: Engage in immersive learning experiences, including videos, quizzes, and worksheets, for effective concept mastery.

Course Curriculum

Critical Thinking Skills – Develop essential thinking skills for effective problem-solving, such as classifying, comparing, and analyzing.
Polya’s Problem-Solving Model – Learn and apply Polya’s structured problem-solving model to find creative and efficient solutions.
Drawing Models – Master the use of Models for questions from Money, Volume, Mass, Measurement and some exclusive challenging Questions.
Guess and Check – Tackle some of the challenging questions by simply Guess and check if your guess is right.

Working Backwards – On topics like Volume and Capacity.

Simplifying Problems and Special Cases – Explore techniques such as simplifying problems and considering special cases to enhance your problem-solving abilities.

Restating the Problem and Making Assumptions – Challenging questions from these will surely enhance your critical thinking.

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