Introduction to Heuristics

Pri 1
Heuristics for Primary 1

Course Intro

  • Ignite problem-solving creativity in young minds
  • Develop critical thinking skills through heuristic techniques
  • Boost confidence in tackling math challenges

Course Description

  • “Heuristics Explorer: Unleashing Primary 1 Math Creativity” is a 15-hour course that introduces young learners to the fascinating world of heuristics, a problem-solving strategy utilizing creativity and insight.
  • By learning techniques like “guess and check” and “working backwards,” students will develop essential critical thinking skills and grow more confident in their math abilities.
  • Through engaging exercises, activities, and examples, students will discover how to apply heuristics to various scenarios and challenges.

Who is this Course for?

This course is designed for Primary 1 students in Singapore who are eager to enhance their math problem-solving skills. It aims to foster creativity, insight, and critical thinking in young learners, setting the stage for future academic success.

What you will Learn?

  • Fundamentals of Heuristics for Primary 1 and their applications in problem-solving
  • Techniques such as “guess and check” and “working backwards”
  • How to think critically and tackle math challenges with confidence

Key Takeaways

  • Develop a solid understanding of heuristics and their role in problem-solving
  • Master heuristic techniques for creative and effective math problem-solving
  • Gain confidence in tackling various math challenges with ease
  • Acquire valuable critical thinking skills that will benefit students in all subjects
  • Discover a love for learning and exploring new problem-solving strategies

Why Learn from doerdo Tuition Course?

  • Experienced Teachers: Our educators are well-versed in the Singapore Primary 1 Math syllabus and heuristic methods
  • Parental Insight: Parents can monitor their child’s performance and progress throughout the course
  • After-Class Support: Students receive continued support and guidance after class hours
  • AI-Based Tests and Homework: Personalized assignments and assessments to enhance learning
  • Engaging and Interactive Lessons: Our lessons are designed to captivate young minds and make learning enjoyable

Course Curriculum

Heuristics Fundamentals
Introduce the concept of heuristics and its role in problem-solving. Explain the importance of creativity and insight in tackling math problems.
Guess and Check Technique
Teach students the “guess and check” heuristic method, along with examples and exercises to help them understand its application in various scenarios.
Working Backwards Technique
Explore the “working backwards” heuristic method and provide students with hands-on practice through relevant exercises and activities.
Creative Problem Solving
Engage students in a variety of activities that promote creative thinking and problem-solving strategies.
Critical Thinking Development
Help students develop critical thinking skills by challenging them with complex problems that require the application of heuristics.
Assessments and Progress Tracking
Utilize AI-based tests and homework assignments to evaluate student progress and personalize their learning experience.
Confidence Building
Provide students with opportunities to demonstrate their newfound skills, fostering confidence in their math problem-solving abilities.
Review and Consolidation
Reinforce key concepts and techniques, ensuring students have a firm grasp of heuristics and their applications.
Real-World Applications
Showcase how heuristics can be applied in everyday life, helping students understand the practicality of their new skills.
Final Assessment and Wrap-Up
Evaluate student progress and celebrate their achievements throughout the course. Encourage

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Small Group

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1.5 hrs

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