Guided Reading in Tamil

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Course Intro

A carefully planned interactive guided reading program for beginners to gain confidence in reading.

Course Description

  • Book Introduction: We start the lesson with a short and concise book introduction that gives students an overview of the book they will be reading. The purpose of the book introduction is to generate interest and set the stage for reading.
  • Book Walk: Then we conduct a book walk where students have the opportunity to discuss what they see on each page of the book. This helps activate prior knowledge and build anticipation for the story.
  • Reading: We allow students to read the book independently or in small groups depending on their reading ability, providing support and guidance as needed. We also encourage students to use reading strategies and skills they have learned.
  • Comprehension Discussion: After reading, we actively engage students in a discussion about the book. By Asking questions we are able to access understanding, We also encourage students to make connections to their own experiences and discuss the main ideas and key details of the story.
  • Assessment: We are able to understand their progress through informal observations, and discussions. By Using this information we decide on further customised instruction and determine the next steps for each student.

Who is this Course for?

  • All primary 1 students who have Tamil as their mother tongue.
  • All students are willing to learn Tamil.

What you will Learn?

Identifying Tamil letters, pronunciation, reading, and contextual use of words

The benefits of guided reading

  • Differentiated Instruction: Guided reading allows for differentiated instruction, meaning that teachers can meet students where they are and provide targeted support and instruction based on their individual needs. This helps ensure that every student is challenged and supported at their appropriate reading level.
  • Improved Reading Skills: Guided reading provides students with targeted, specific practice. This way, students can make significant progress in their reading abilities
  • Building Independence: Guided reading helps students become independent, strategic readers. Through guided reading, students have the opportunity to problem-solve with new texts in a safe environment, allowing them to develop confidence and autonomy in their reading skills
  • Individualized Support: Guided reading allows teachers to closely observe and assess students’ reading behaviours, enabling them to provide individualized support and give students exactly what they need to move forward in their reading development. This personalized attention helps address specific areas of need and fosters growth in reading skills.
  • Engagement and Rapport: Guided reading provides a chance for teachers to work closely with small groups of students, building rapport and establishing a supportive learning environment. This close interaction allows teachers to better understand students’ strengths and challenges, fostering a positive and engaging reading experience.
  • Identifying Problem Areas: Guided reading helps teachers identify students’ problem areas and determine which skills need strengthening. By closely observing students’ reading behaviours during guided reading sessions, teachers can gather valuable information to inform their instruction and provide targeted interventions.

Key Takeaways

  • Join our exciting guided reading program to fall in love with the language and help identify your strengths and weaknesses.
  • Have fun reading with friends, and learn from each other’s mistakes.

Why Learn from doerdo Tuition Course?

  • Experienced teachers with years of expertise.
  • Parents can track student performance and progress.
  • Interactive learning through videos and live sessions
  • Extensive effective practice through AI-based practices based on student’s abilities and needs
  • After-class support for addressing doubts and questions
  • AI-based tests and homework assignments for Follow up and review.
  • Personalized learning path and mentorship for individual students for focus learning.

Course Curriculum

  • Reading simple stories
  • Discussing the books read and sharing personal experiences.
  • Continue reading different books based on customized assessment and monitoring.

Course Type


Class Type

Small Group

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1.5 hrs

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