Grammar Fundamentals

Pri 3

Course Intro

  • Build a strong foundation in grammar fundamentals, including articles, prepositions, singular plural, present tense, and past tense in a sentence, and the rules that compel their usage.
  • Enhance your language skills with precision and clarity.
  • Dive into the intricacies of grammar and gain confidence in your communication.
  • Following this class, you can surely identify errors in a sentence and, most importantly, reason out the errors!

Course Description

In this comprehensive course, you will explore essential grammar topics, including articles, present and past tenses, personal pronouns, demonstrative determiners and pronouns, relative pronouns and clauses, quantifiers, singular and plural forms, and prepositions. Through engaging lessons and practical examples, you will develop a deep understanding of grammar rules and improve your writing and speaking abilities.


Who is this Course for?

Students who want to improve their writing and speaking skills

Students who want to improve their grammar proficiency

Students who want to improve their communication skills in English

It is suitable for learners at the Primary 3 level or anyone seeking to refine their understanding of English grammar.

What you will Learn?

Master the usage of articles to specify nouns with precision.

Understand and apply the simple present and past tenses accurately.

Use personal pronouns effectively for clear and concise communication.

Grasp the concepts of demonstrative determiners and pronouns to indicate specific objects.

Learn how to use relative pronouns and clauses to provide additional information about nouns.

Gain proficiency in using quantifiers to express quantity or amount.

Differentiate between singular and plural forms of nouns with accuracy.

Discover the role of prepositions in establishing relationships within sentences.

Key Takeaways

Solid understanding of fundamental grammar concepts.

Improved writing and speaking skills through accurate grammar usage.

Enhanced ability to communicate ideas with clarity and precision.

Confidence in applying grammar rules in various contexts.

Practical knowledge to excel in language examinations and everyday communication.

Why Learn from doerdo Tuition Course?

Experienced ex-MOE teachers with expertise in the subject matter

Detailed performance insights for parents to monitor student progress

After-class support for addressing questions and clarifications

AI-based assessments and homework assignments for effective practice

Personalized guidance and mentorship to ensure individual growth.

Course Curriculum

Articles: Understanding the role of articles (definite and indefinite) in specifying nouns accurately and effectively
Simple Present and Past Tense: Exploring the usage of simple present tense for present actions and simple past tense for past actions Example:
Personal Pronouns: Examining the use of personal pronouns to refer to individuals or objects without explicitly stating their names
Demonstrative Determiners and Pronouns: Understanding how demonstrative determiners and pronouns point out specific people or things”
Relative Pronouns and Relative Clauses: Introducing additional information about nouns using relative pronouns
Quantifiers: Mastering the use of quantifiers to express quantity or amount accurately
Singular Plural: Differentiating between singular and plural forms of nouns to ensure better communication. Example: “One apple” (singular), “Many apples” (plural).
Preposition: Understanding the function of prepositions in establishing relationships between nouns, pronouns, and other words in a sentence

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Small Group

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1.5 hrs

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