Grammar Fundamentals

Pri 2

Course Intro

  • Enhance your language skills with Grammar Fundamentals and make error-free sentences.
  • Get all your foundations right in learning the right use of articles, adjectives, pronouns, quantifiers, and demonstrative pronouns to name a few.
  • Understand the impact of using the right words in a sentence
  • Develop a solid foundation for effective communication.
  • Ideal for Primary 2 students, the course is designed according to the Singapore Moe syllabus.

Course Description

  • Students will begin to learn the basics of grammar and sentence structure.
  • This includes understanding the use of articles, such as “a” and “the,” and the proper use of adjectives to describe nouns.
  • Demonstrative pronouns like “this” and “that” will also be covered.
  • The focus will be on learning to construct simple, error-free sentences using these parts of speech.
  • Through practice and repetition, students will develop their understanding of how the choices they make with words impact the meaning of their sentences, making them a powerful tool to express their thought and ideas.

Who is this Course for?

  • This course is designed for students seeking to strengthen their grammar skills and improve their written and spoken communication. Whether you’re a primary student looking to build a solid foundation or an English learner aiming to enhance your language proficiency, this course is suitable for you.

What you will Learn?

  • Understand the correct usage of punctuation marks and apply them effectively in your writing.
  • Identify and comprehend gender distinctions in nouns to enhance clarity in your sentences.
  • Use personal pronouns accurately to refer to individuals and avoid common errors.
  • Master the usage and formation of simple present and simple past tenses for clear communication.
  • Apply rules for making singular and plural nouns correctly to maintain grammatical accuracy.

Key Takeaways

  • Construct grammatically correct sentences with proper punctuation.
  • Demonstrate a clear understanding of gender distinctions in nouns.
  • Utilize personal pronouns accurately in your speech and writing.
  • Confidently use the simple present and simple past tenses in various contexts.
  • Apply the rules for making singular and plural nouns with precision.
  • Use the right articles precisely.
  • Use question words appropriately.

Why Learn from doerdo Tuition Course?

  • Experienced Teachers: Benefit from the expertise of our qualified and experienced ex-MOE teachers.
  • Performance Visibility: Parents can track their child’s progress and performance through our comprehensive monitoring system.
  • After-Class Support: Get personalized assistance and guidance from our dedicated teachers even after class hours.
  • AI-based Tests and Homework: Engage in AI-powered tests and homework assignments for hands-on practice and deeper learning.
  • Interactive Learning: Experience an interactive and engaging learning environment with multimedia resources and interactive activities.

Course Curriculum

Punctuation – Learn the correct usage of punctuation marks to enhance sentence clarity.
Gender – Understand the distinctions in gender when referring to nouns.
Personal Pronouns – Discover how to use pronouns effectively to refer to individuals.
Simple Present And Simple Past Tenses – Master the usage and formation of the simple present and simple past tenses.
Singular Plural – Explore the rules for making singular and plural nouns accurately.
Adjectives – Enhance your sentence construction with the proper use of descriptive words.
Interrogative Pronouns – Learn the pronouns used for asking questions and improve your sentence structure.
Articles – Understand the usage of definite and indefinite articles in different contexts.
Connectors – Discover words that connect ideas and sentences, improving coherence.
Demonstrative Pronouns – Gain insight into pronouns used to indicate specific objects or people.
Possessive Pronouns – Understand pronouns used to show possession or ownership.
Subject Verb Agreement – Master the agreement between subjects and verbs in sentence construction.
Indefinite Pronouns – Learn about pronouns that refer to non-specific objects or people.
Reflexive Pronouns – Explore pronouns used to reflect back to the subject in a sentence.
Prepositions – Discover the correct usage of prepositions to indicate relationships.
Modals – Learn about modal verbs and how to express possibility, ability, and more.
Quantifiers – Explore words used to express quantity or amount accurately.
Question Words – Understand the proper usage of interrogative words for asking questions.

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Small Group

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1.5 hrs

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