Global Tourism

Sec 4

Course Intro

  • Discover the fascinating world of global tourism.
  • Explore the impact of tourism on different destinations.
  • Understand the complexities of managing tourism’s effects.

Course Description

Delve into the intricacies of global tourism in this meticulously designed course. Explore the various aspects of the industry, including its economic, socio-cultural, and environmental implications. Understand the causes for fluctuations and how to manage the impact of tourism effectively. This course is MOE Singapore-aligned and exam-oriented, ensuring you are well-prepared for your academic journey.

Who is this Course for?

  • This course is suitable for students in Secondary 4 (Sec 4 / O Level) seeking comprehensive knowledge of global tourism.
  • It’s ideal for those preparing for exams and looking to excel in geography.

What you will Learn?

Throughout this course, you will gain an in-depth understanding of the following:

  • Different types of tourism.
  • The roles played by various groups in promoting tourism.
  • Reasons behind the growth of global tourism.
  • The impact of tourism on the economy, socio-culture, and the environment.
  • Effective management of tourism-related tensions.
  • The responsibilities of different stakeholders in the tourism industry.

Key Takeaways

By the end of this course, you’ll be equipped with:

  • Knowledge of the diverse nature of tourism across the globe.
  • Insights into the global phenomenon of tourism.
  • An understanding of the costs and benefits associated with developing tourism.

Why Learn from doerdo Tuition Course?

Experienced Teachers: Our instructors have extensive knowledge of the Singaporean curriculum and are experts in their fields.

Performance Tracking: Parents can monitor their child’s progress, ensuring a valuable learning experience.

After-Class Support: We offer assistance to students even after the course to reinforce their understanding.

A.I. Based Testing: Access to advanced AI-driven assessments for comprehensive learning.

Homework Assignments: Reinforce your knowledge with homework assignments tailored to the curriculum.

Course Curriculum

Introduction to tourism – Explore the fundamentals of tourism and its significance. Examine various tourism categories and their characteristics.
Roles of Different Groups of People in Promoting Tourism – Learn how different stakeholders contribute to tourism.
Reasons for the Growth of Global Tourism – Investigate the factors behind the global tourism boom.
Causes for Fluctuations – Understand the reasons behind tourism fluctuations, including disasters, diseases, recessions, and political situations.
Impact of Tourism – Analyze the economic, socio-cultural, and environmental impacts of tourism. Discover strategies for managing the effects of tourism. Explore the types of tensions in managing the impact and measures to address them.
Responsibilities of Various Groups – Understand the roles of local communities, visitors, tour operators, NGOs, and planning authorities in managing tourism.
Global Tourism – Examine the global nature of tourism and its implications.

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Class Type

Small Group

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1.5 hrs

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