Force and Energy

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Course Intro

  • This course is designed to help students understand the fundamental concepts of force and energy.
  • Understand the difference between force and energy.

Course Description

In this engaging course, students will explore the distinction between force and energy. Through captivating lessons, they will gain a solid grasp of these fundamental concepts and how they shape the world around them. Discover the properties of magnets, and explore practical applications. Unleash the power of various energy forms and their significance.

Who is this Course for?

This course is perfect for curious minds seeking to understand the fundamental principles of forces and energy. It is designed for primary-level students who have a keen interest in exploring the captivating world of science.

What you will Learn?

Interaction of forces and how they shape the physical world.

Properties and applications of magnets.

The concept of energy and its various forms.

The nature of light and shadows.

Key Takeaways

Gain a comprehensive understanding of the interaction of forces and their impact on motion and shape.

Explore the fascinating properties and practical applications of magnets.

Discover the importance of energy and its diverse forms in our daily lives.

Understand the nature of light, its sources, and how it influences our perception.

Grasp the concept of shadows and how they are formed.

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Course Curriculum

Interaction of Forces: This topic explores how forces interact with each other. Example: Understanding how pushing and pulling forces affect the motion of objects.
Magnets: Dive into the properties and uses of magnets, uncover their creation process, and explore their applications in everyday life. Learn about the shapes of magnets and their attraction or repulsion properties.
Energy: Gain insights into the concept of energy, its significance, and the various forms it can take in our surroundings.
Light: Understand the nature of light, its sources, and how we perceive objects through it. Explore the formation of shadows.

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