Comprehension Mastery

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Comprehension Mastery

Course Intro

Embark on a journey to master English Comprehension in Secondary 1 with our dynamic course. Develop critical skills through interactive modules and personalized feedback for effective learning.

Course Description

In this course, Secondary 1 students will develop a robust set of comprehension skills. From effectively interpreting narrative and non-narrative texts to mastering inferential and IYOW questions, students will gain critical thinking abilities. They will also enhance vocabulary comprehension, and learn to identify relevant linguistic expressions. The course, spanning 12 hours, leverages interactive modules, practice exercises, and personalized feedback for a comprehensive and flexible learning experience.

Who is this Course for?

  • Secondary 1 Students
  • Individuals aiming to enhance their English comprehension skills
  • Students seeking to develop critical thinking and analytical abilities
  • Those preparing for exams with comprehension and language arts components
  • Students desiring to improve their summarization and paraphrasing skills
  • Students interested in honing their vocabulary comprehension

What you will Learn?

  • Advanced Comprehension Skills: Develop a nuanced understanding of various text types, including narratives and non-narratives, mastering techniques for effective interpretation and critical thinking.
  • Effective Question Answering Strategies: Acquire the ability to respond to a range of questions, from inferential queries to “In Your Own Words” challenges, demonstrating a high level of comprehension and analytical thinking.
  • Literary Analysis Proficiency: Identify and analyze literary devices in narrative texts, gaining insights into the artistic and rhetorical elements that contribute to the richness of language.
  • Language Arts Exploration: Explore diverse language arts topics, expanding vocabulary comprehension, and honing the skill to identify relevant linguistic nuances for a more comprehensive understanding.
  • Application of Techniques: Learn and apply various techniques such as flowchart analysis, summarization, and referencing to navigate and respond effectively to both narrative and non-narrative texts, enhancing overall language and comprehension abilities.

Key Takeaways

  • Students will proficiently interpret diverse texts, showcasing a deep understanding of narrative and non-narrative elements through effective comprehension strategies.
  • They will master critical thinking skills, enabling them to analyze and respond to inferential, unique, and technique-based questions with confidence and precision.
  • Students will skillfully summarize non-narrative texts and analyze narratives using flowcharts, showcasing concise and organized information retrieval techniques.
  • Students will exhibit enhanced linguistic expression recognition, displaying a fine understanding of concepts and effectively identifying relevant linguistic nuances in diverse contexts.
  • With an enriched vocabulary and referencing skills, learners will adeptly navigate various texts, successfully recalling and paraphrasing relevant material to demonstrate a comprehensive grasp of language comprehension.

Why Learn from doerdo Tuition Course?

Experienced ex MOE teachers specialized in Secondary 1 English curriculum.

Comprehensive performance tracking for parents to monitor student progress.

After-class support for individualized assistance and doubt resolution.

AI-powered tests and homework assignments for targeted practice and improvement.

Engaging and interactive learning environment for effective learning outcomes.

Course Curriculum

Narrative Text Mastery: Develop expertise in interpreting and extracting meaning from narrative texts, enhancing your ability to unravel intricate storylines.
Critical Thinking in Inference: Hone critical thinking skills to decipher implicit meanings in texts, fostering a deeper understanding through thoughtful analysis and deduction.
Efficient Summary Writing: Acquire concise summarization skills for non-narrative texts, enabling effective communication of key information with brevity and clarity.
Analytical Flowchart Application: Apply analytical thinking through the use of flowcharts in dissecting narrative structures, providing a visual aid for comprehensive analysis and interpretation.
Unique Question Strategies: Develop effective approaches to tackle distinctive and challenging questions, enhancing your ability to navigate through diverse and unusual queries.
Vocabulary Enrichment Techniques: Employ advanced strategies to enhance vocabulary comprehension, broadening your linguistic repertoire and refining your language skills for comprehensive understanding.

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Small Group

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1.5 hrs

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