All about cycles

Pri 6

Course Intro

  • All cycles put in one basket.
  • Embark on an exciting journey of lifecycles.
  • Discover the wonders of nature and unravel the mysteries of cycles in animals, plants, and matter.
  • Learn about its importance and key words in answering the questions

Course Description

In this comprehensive course, we explore the intricate lifecycles from the mesmerizing transformations in plants and animals to the captivating cycles in matter and water. Through immersive lessons, engaging activities, and expert guidance, learn about various Lifecycles including reproduction.

Who is this Course for?

This course is designed for P6/ PSLE students who are eager to delve into the fascinating realms of lifecycles. Whether you are passionate about science or simply intrigued by the wonders of nature, this course will captivate your imagination and expand your knowledge.

What you will Learn?

  • Cycles in animals and plants
    • Definition of life cycles
    • Importance of lifecycle
    • Similarities and differences between life cycles of plants and animals.
    • Life cycle of a flowering plant
    • 3 stage lifecycle of animals
    • 4 stage lifecycle of animals
  • Lifecycle in Plants – reproduction
    • Reproductive parts of a flower
    • Sexual and asexual reproduction with examples
    • Pollination and Pollinating agents (wind, insect, animals, birds)
    • Characteristics of flowers for pollination
    • Fertilisation of an egg to form a fruit
    • Dispersal of fruits and seeds – types of dispersal (water, animals, wind) and its purpose
    • Germination of seeds
    • Conditions to facilitate germination
  • Types of reproduction
  • Sexual and asexual reproduction with examples
  • Lifecycle in humans – reproduction
    • Male and Female Reproductive System (Sperm; Ovaries; Testes)
    • Puberty
    • Fertilisation
  • Cycles in matter and water
    • Water cycle and its importance
    • Melting (solid to liquid)
    • Freezing (liquid to solid)
    • Boiling/Evaporation (liquid to gas
    • Condensation (gas to liquid)
    • Water And Its States
    • Change In States of Matter
    • Factors That Influence change in state
      • Wind
      • Temperature
      • Humidity
      • Area Of The Exposed Surface

Key Takeaways

  • Develop a comprehensive understanding of lifecycles in plants, animals, and matter.
  • Recognize the importance and intricacies of different lifecycles.
  • Reproductive processes in plants and humans, from pollination to fertilization and beyond.

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Course Curriculum

Cycles in Animals and Plants: Introduction to lifecycles in plants and animals. Importance and similarities/differences between lifecycles. Exploration of specific plant and animal lifecycles.
Lifecycle in Plants – Reproduction: Understanding reproductive parts of a flower. Sexual and asexual reproduction in plants. Pollination, fertilization, and fruit formation. Seed dispersal mechanisms and germination.
Lifecycle in Humans – Reproduction: Overview of different types of reproduction. Male and female reproductive systems. Puberty and its significance in human lifecycles.
Cycles in Matter and Water: Exploration of the water cycle and its importance. Changes in states of matter: melting, freezing, boiling/evaporation, condensation. Factors influencing changes in states of matter.

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Small Group

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1.5 hrs

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