Yee Hong Ng
Ex MOE Teacher

Grade Specialisation:

Lower Primary (P1 to P3), Higher Primary (P4 to P6)

Subject Specialisation:


Education Profile:

Bachelors degree


Yee Hong Ng is a skilled and experienced educator with a decade of teaching under his belt. As an Ex-MOE teacher, he has taught Chinese as the Mother Tongue to lower and higher primary students, as well as civic and moral education and values education in Chinese language. Yee Hong has developed online lesson packages, including PowerPoint presentations, videos, and games, to facilitate home-based learning. Collaborating with fellow teachers, MOE HQ teachers, and master teachers from external organizations, he has worked on innovative projects and pedagogy-related initiatives, such as the iMTL portal and Mother Tongue support program, to enhance students' learning of the Chinese language in school.