V K Kader Maideen
Ex MOE Teacher

Grade Specialisation:

Lower Secondary (Sec1 to Sec2), Higher Secondary (Sec3 to O-Level)

Subject Specialisation:


Education Profile:

B.Sc(Econs), Post Grad Dip Ed, Grad Dip Biz Admin


V. K. Kader Maideen is a highly experienced educator with 25 years of teaching experience, specializing in Mathematics for lower and higher secondary students. As a former MOE teacher, a prestigious role in Singapore's education system, Kader brings invaluable expertise to his students. He holds a B.Sc. in Economics, a Postgraduate Diploma in Education, and a Graduate Diploma in Business Administration. Kader dedicated 10 years to teaching Mathematics in MOE schools, where he also held significant leadership positions such as Head of Department and Subject Head for 2 years. His deep understanding of the MOE curriculum allows him to effectively support students in their academic journey. In addition to his extensive experience as a Mathematics tutor, Kader has also been a lecturer for business modules, covering topics like Communications and Management, for 5 years. Passionate about helping students succeed academically and reach their full potential, Kader is an exceptional educator with a proven track record in the MOE system.