Tan Zeng Yee Shalom
Ex MOE Teacher

Grade Specialisation:

Lower Secondary (Sec1 to Sec2), Higher Secondary (Sec3 to O-Level)

Subject Specialisation:

Science, Biology

Education Profile:

BSc.(Hons) Life Sciences - Biomedical Science Specialisation PGDE (Secondary) - Biology and Social Studies


Shalom Tan Zeng Yee is a highly accomplished educator with 6 years of teaching experience, specializing in Life Sciences, Biology, and Social Studies for lower secondary (Sec 1 to Sec 2) and higher secondary (Sec 3 to O-Level) students. With a BSc (Hons) in Life Sciences (Biomedical Science Specialization) and a PGDE in Secondary Biology and Social Studies, Shalom has a strong foundation in her subject matter. As an Ex-MOE teacher, she is well-versed in the latest educational policies and practices. Shalom has consistently produced remarkable results, boasting a 30-40% distinction rate for her Biology classes in school. This record demonstrates her dedication and commitment to ensuring her students excel academically. In addition to her experience within the MOE, Shalom has also ventured abroad, teaching at a prestigious Super Science High School in Japan. This international exposure has allowed her to develop a more diverse and global teaching approach. Passionate about education and driven by her desire to help students reach their full potential, Shalom Tan Zeng Yee is an invaluable asset to any educational institution. Her combination of expertise in both the sciences and social studies, along with her vast teaching experience, makes her an exceptional choice for students seeking a well-rounded and highly effective educator.