Suriawati Binte Sulaimi
Ex MOE Teacher

Grade Specialisation:

Lower Primary (P1 to P3), Higher Primary (P4 to P6)

Subject Specialisation:

Mathematics, Science

Education Profile:

Degree in Counselling Diploma in Education (NIE)


Suriawati Binte Sulaimi is a dedicated and passionate educator with 17 years of teaching experience under her belt. As an Ex-MOE teacher, Suriawati brings valuable insights from her extensive career in the Singapore education system, ensuring her students receive the best possible guidance and support. Suriawati holds a Degree in Counselling and a Diploma in Education from the National Institute of Education, reflecting her commitment to not only her academic endeavors but also to her students' overall well-being. Her teaching expertise covers Mathematics and Science for lower and higher primary levels. Having worked in MOE for over 16 years as a Mathematics and Science teacher, Suriawati has honed her skills in adapting to different learning styles and addressing students' individual needs. Additionally, her experience in an international school for a year showcases her versatility and ability to cater to students from diverse backgrounds. With a strong foundation in both local and international curricula, Suriawati is an exceptional educator who is dedicated to nurturing the minds of her students and helping them reach their full potential.