Phng Boon Peng

Grade Specialisation:

Lower Primary (P1 to P3), Higher Primary (P4 to P6), Lower Secondary (Sec1 to Sec2), Higher Secondary (Sec3 to O-Level), JC, IB, IGCSE / International

Subject Specialisation:


Education Profile:

B.Bus (Hons.) - Finance and Economics


Phng Boon Peng is a highly experienced full-time tutor and private school teacher with 12 years of teaching under his belt. He has a Bachelor of Business (Honors) degree in Finance and Economics. Boon Peng is well-versed in teaching a wide range of students from lower primary (P1 to P3) to higher primary (P4 to P6), lower secondary (Sec1 to Sec2), higher secondary (Sec3 to O-Level), JC, IB, and IGCSE/International levels. Specializing in English and other subjects, Boon Peng is dedicated to helping his students achieve academic success. His teaching approach is tailored to individual needs, ensuring that students not only excel academically but also develop a strong foundation and passion for learning. Boon Peng's commitment and expertise make him a valuable asset to any student's educational journey.