Lau Ley Yin

Grade Specialisation:

Lower Primary (P1 to P3)

Subject Specialisation:

Science, Chinese, Malay

Education Profile:

Diploma in Education (Primary Science Education)


Lau Ley Yin is an enthusiastic educator with 5 years of teaching experience, focusing on Lower Primary (P1 to P3) education. She holds a Diploma in Education (Primary Science Education). Ley Yin's teaching expertise lies in Science, Chinese, and Malay subjects. Throughout her 5-year teaching career, she has demonstrated dedication and passion for helping her students succeed. As an experienced educator, she understands the importance of providing a comprehensive and engaging learning environment for her young students. With her dedication to teaching and commitment to nurturing young minds, Lau Ley Yin is a valuable asset in the field of education.