Helen Phoa Hua Huee
Ex MOE Teacher

Grade Specialisation:

Lower Primary (P1 to P3), Higher Primary (P4 to P6)

Subject Specialisation:


Education Profile:

• MA in Teaching English to Young Learners • MA in Education & Human Development • Bachelor of Education Studies (Dean’s Award) • Certificate-in-Education (Credit)


Helen Phoa Hua Huee is a dedicated and accomplished educator with 20 years of teaching experience. Specializing in English for lower and higher primary students, Helen is an ex-MOE teacher and part-time tutor who is committed to helping students achieve their full potential in the English language. She holds an MA in Teaching English to Young Learners, an MA in Education & Human Development, a Bachelor of Education Studies (Dean's Award), and a Certificate-in-Education (Credit). With a patient and adaptive teaching style, Helen is able to cater her approach to each student's individual needs. Her extensive experience in guiding students to success makes her a valuable asset to any educational institution or tutoring program. By focusing on building strong foundations in English and fostering a love for learning, Helen ensures her students are well-prepared for their academic journey ahead.