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  1. doerdo is a brand of Clinilead Technologies Pte Ltd, Singapore. By accepting this agreement, you acknowledge that any content you create in doerdo, including videos, audios, notes, and other materials, is the exclusive copyright of Clinilead Technologies Pte Ltd. You are not authorized to use this content other than doerdo without written approval from doerdo.
  2. You agree that doerdo / Clinilead Technologies Pte Ltd may use the content you create in doerdo, your profile, and your photo for doerdo's online apps, websites, social media sites, YouTube, and for marketing and advertising purposes as required by the company. This will help parents and students see your capabilities and select you for classes.
  3. Privacy and confidentiality are critical for our company. You understand that any information obtained during the performance of your duties must remain confidential, including information about members, clients, families, employees, and other associate organizations. You are not authorized to share or receive contact details, including phone numbers, email, or social links, with parents and students. You also agree not to copy, record, screenshot, download our content and student/parent images without our written approval.

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