5 Ways to Get Students Interested in coding – From Fun Projects to Useful Skills!

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In the past, coding was seen as a boring subject that only programmers would be interested in. However, now it is a skill that is not just for programmers. Computer programming is a skill that students can gain access to at any age. The use of coding as a tool for learning other skills opens up new opportunities for students to create, which helps them develop creativity and the ability to think analytically.

It can be difficult to get children interested in coding, especially when they are not sure what it entails. Here are 5 ways to get your children interested in learning to code:

  1. Create a fun project: Start with a project that interests children and try to make it into a game or an app.
  2. Make it interactive: Make the project interactive so children can get involved in the learning process by playing the game or using the app themselves.
  3. Show them how coding works: Show them how coding works by creating an activity where they have to follow instructions step-by-step and create something for themselves like a video of their dog jumping on their bed or a recipe for cookies.
  4. Help children build a digital portfolio: If a child wants to be an engineer or computer scientist, they may want to show what they have already learned and share it with their peers, teachers or future employers. They can make an app or website that displays the skills they have learned in order to showcase what they already know and show that they know how to apply skills learned previously.
  5. Let children build something for themselves: Let them discover a problem and pursue it in their own way. There are tons of problems that could be solved, from finding the best price on a new laptop to creating a game that helps people with disabilities, finding more friends, etc.

How do you make it easy for your kids to learn coding?

There are a lot of ways to make it easier for your kids to learn computer programming. One way is to create a learning environment that is not too complicated and has an easy-to-use interface so that they can easily learn how to use the software.

The best way to get your children interested in computer programming is to start teaching them about it early on.

If you’re a parent who wants to learn more about computer programming, you can do so by enrolling your child in a coding class or by taking an online course.

There are also many free resources available online like doerdo.com that can teach you how to code. There are also many paid for websites which offer more in depth tools to learn how to code.

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